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“Each of us can make a difference but together we make a change” – Barbara Mikulski

It is possible to eat healthily and improve our environment at the same time. We can stop junk food and its health consequences, as well as the massive destruction of biodiversity. Thanks to agroecology and permaculture, we can live better, find meaning and harmony between humans and with nature. Let's go.

PERMA-PROJECTS aims at initiating and supporting permaculture and agroecology projects in Belgium,starting with two very concrete projects: The Agroecological Farm of La Préale in the Condroz and the Agroecological Farm of La Papelotte in Waterloo, near Brussels.


There are many obstacles to the creation of micro-farms. Agricultural land is expensive and the initial investment to start a business is heavy.


The "industrialized" agri-food system is at an impasse. There are alternatives... The main challenge is to make them economically viable in countries where the cost of labour is high.


PERMA-PROJECTS is a srl created by Olivier Lefebvre, Anne Sophie Pijcke, Nicolas Janssen and Charles-Antoine Janssen, which coordinates and supports all the projects.


This project was initiated in 2018, with the identification of the two sites, the constitution of teams, the legal set-up, the design, the preparation of permit files, etc... 2019 will be devoted to the development of the market gardening sites and the identification of distribution channels, in order to share with you the first super-tasty fruits and vegetables from the 2020 season onwards. Soon fruits and vegetables, which will be 100% healthy, local and respectful, but also trainings, thematic visits, awareness raising etc...


Next to the Poney Club de la Papelotte in Waterloo, we are developing for you a micro-farm for market gardening in permaculture.

In the beautiful region of Condroz, in Achet, on the Commune of Hamois, we develop for you a micro-farm of market gardening in permaculture and many other things



Perma-Projects supports the United Nations' the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in particular: