Who ?

PERMA-PROJECTS was created by four people who, through their agro-ecological project, decided to opt for a sustainable ecological transition.

Each project is developed by one or more leaders, namely Xavier Fiasse and Thomas Riguelle, Tom Paris, Thomas Bleeckx and Benoit Delpeuch, but also Charlotte Mansion, Emilia Farfan... or Magloire Goblet.

Experts also ensure the support of the projects:
· Professor Alain Peeters, RHEA (Agroecology, Ecosystem Services, Soil Life)
· Michael Dossin, co-creator of the Ferme de Desnié (Market gardening coaching, cultivation plans, technical itineraries)
· Stéphane Deswaef et Windika Lemercier (Permaculture Design)
· Julie Picquot (Digital Communications)
· Nicolas Vanheule and Thibaut Nutelet (Art-Home Architects)

The Projects

Xavier Fiasse graduated in International Cooperation. He has always been attracted by the management of projects that offer meaning to the relational balance between human beings and the Earth. A lover of travel and nature, he quickly developed an interest in environmental management and in particular in market gardening and gardening. He then acquired experience as a seasonal worker and volunteer in the field. He then defines his orientation by following a training of Business Manager - Garden Contractor. In the meantime, he continues to travel and also trains in permaculture, then works as a market gardener for the Namur based Cooperative 'Paysans-Artisans' and as a complementary self-employed gardener in the Ciney region. Xavier is very sensitive to the creation of collective and solidarity projects in which human beings put themselves at the service of their own well-being, that of others and of our Planet. With Thomas Riguelle, he develops the market gardening project at La Préale and coordinates the development of the site.

Entrepreneur in visual communication Thomas Riguelle has joined Perma-Projects as Market-Gardener at La Préale together with Xavier. A few years ago, already wishing to associate work, sharing and human values, he initiates, with two friends, the Composite project in Charleroi. It is a workspace co-constructed and co-managed by about thirty members. From 2018, in search of even more ethics in the relationship between humans and nature, he starts learning permaculture and agroecology. Via Perma-Projects, Thomas has the opportunity to develop a cooperative and solidarity project while respecting the values that animate him today. His skills, in communication, business management and the community aspect, perfectly complement those of Xavier, to form a great duo in the management of the market gardening project at the Agroecological Farm of la Préale.

It was in the Fagnes that Tom Paris fell in love with nature to undertake environmentalist studies at La Reid before specializing in organic agriculture at Ciney. Passionate about farming techniques and biodynamic processes, he worked in places such as Graines de vie, la Chevrerie de la Croix de la Grise, la Ferme de Froidmont and Little Farm. At the same time, he supported his palate's need for adventure by developing Les Pulpivores and Casse-Bonbons. He still hopes to create a balance between a sustainable ecosystem and the human species and to encourage the transition towards a more subtle understanding of the natural phenomena that surround us. Today, Tom joins the team of la Papelotte as gardener.

Magloire Goblet d’Alviella was trained and initially worked in the hotel sector, in Belgium and abroad. In recent years, he has turned his attention towards market gardening and permaculture, including two training courses at the Ferme du Bec Hellouin. He has worked at Vestaculture as project manager of the Urban Farm project at the Delhaize de Boondael. He is currently supporting the launch of the project at La Papelotte.   


After agronomy studies focused on environmental management, Benoit Delpeuch has gradually moved towards agriculture. Interested in market gardening, soil studies and agroecology, he took his first steps in practice as a market gardening trainer in a farm for socio-professional integration. He then plunged into the world of seeds as a cultivation manager for the Cycle en Terre cooperative. Since then, his passion for seeds has continued to grow and he founded ANTHESIS with Thomas Bleeckx.


Passionate about life, its complexity and beauty, Thomas Bleeckx is an enthusiastic, curious and rigorous. Trained as an agricultural engineer, he specialized early on in the fields of organic agriculture, genetic diversity of crops and seed production. After a brief period in university research, he worked in market gardening on a biodynamic farm. His taste for the world of seeds was then asserted during his work in a seed company. With Benoit Delpeuch, he launched the seed production project ANTHESIS

Emilia Farfan is a socio-cultural facilitator, who has turned to market gardening and permaculture, particularly with the non-profit organization Les Débuts des Haricots. There she discovered her love of plants and obtained her her herbal tea diploma in 2017. She launches Hierba Buena Tisanes to enhance the popular use of plants in everyday life: wild or cultivated, aromatic or medicinal. Emilia offers herbal teas and other herbal products, but also training and initiations.

The Experts

Alain Peeters is scientific advisor to PERMA-PROJECTS. He is an agronomist and agroecologist. During his 40-year career in agronomic teaching and research, Alain has sought to improve the impact of industrial agriculture on agricultural employment, biodiversity and environmental quality. Since 2012, he has been developing agroecological systems on farms, on several hundred hectares, in order to demonstrate their potential. He is a director of Agroecology-Europe, Agrotopia and WWF-Belgium.

Michael Dossin is an advisor to PERMA-PROJECTS. Fruit grower, market gardener, small farmer, former professor of horticulture and organic market gardening, permaculture trainer, designer, installation and/or crop monitoring consultant..., Michael is coach and technical advisor to the main project leaders. 

Julie Picquot is responsible for the digital communication of PERMA-PROJECTS. With a degree in Public Relations, Julie quickly turned to projects with positive values. Currently Marketing and Communication Coordinator at Triodos Bank, Julie takes great pleasure in bringing her digital expertise to PERMA-PROJECTS, a project that is particularly close to her heart. 

The founders

Anne Sophie Pijcke is a lawyer and advises companies and associations on financial and stock exchange law, corporate governance and social responsibility (ESG), as a member of the Board of Directors. Anne Sophie is passionate about cooking and attaches great importance to eating well. This is the reason why she co-initiated PERMA-PROJECTS.

Olivier Lefebvre is co-founder and manager of PERMA-PROJECTS. Trained as an economist, Olivier has worked mainly in organizational transformation, governance and sustainable development. He is an independent director in several companies (BNYM, Climact, Ginkgo) as well as an NGO (Plan International).

Charles-Antoine Janssen is co-founder of PERMA-PROJECTS. He has a management background and a broad experience in international management. Charles-Antoine is co-founder and director of Kois Invest, an international company with a strong focus onImpact Investing specialized in health care, education and the environment. Charles-Antoine is a director in several companies, institutions and NGOs active in these fields, mainly in India and Europe.

Nicolas Janssen has recently requested a career break from the FPS Foreign Affairs to become a deputy alderman for the transition in La Hulpe. He is now a member of the Parliament of Wallonia. Father of 3 children under the age of 10, he has always loved meditation and felt the need to connect with nature.