What ?

The creation of a micro-farm is an investment in time, but also in money. Agricultural land is increasingly expensive and the investments required to start such an activity are quite heavy, which is generally difficult for young farmers to overcome. Market gardeners are also required to master an incredible number of skills: market gardening techniques, marketing, administrative and financial management, tax and VAT issues, digital communication, product processing/preservation, not to mention the pedagogical virtues needed to disseminate practices.

PERMA-PROJECTS aims at supporting young entrepreneurs in launching their agroecological activity. The organization provides land, equipment and a complete technical, scientific and administrative framework.

Our mission

The mission of PERMA-PROJECTS is to contribute to the diffusion of permaculture and agroecology in Belgium and to improve its economic viability. 

Specifically, PERMA-PROJECTS offers young entrepreneurs a framework to launch their business. Whether it is market gardening, small livestock farming or product processing, PERMA-PROJECTS initiates and supports these activities by offering :

Provision of an infrastructure

Agricultural land and adapted design, washing and conditioning workshop, processing kitchen, greenhouses and other heavy equipment,...

Shared services

Accounting and financial support, legal and administrative support, website and social networks, marketing support,...


Human, technical and scientific

Currently, PERMA-PROJECTS is launching two micro-farm projects. Discover them!

Next to the Poney Club de la Papelotte in Waterloo, we are developing for you a micro-farm for market gardening in permaculture.

In the beautiful region of Condroz, in Achet, on the Commune of Hamois, we develop for you a micro-farm of market gardening in permaculture and many other things